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Exciting motorbike trips

A breathtaking experience and exciting adventures in beautiful nature await you on amazing BMW motorbikes.

Enduro paradises and great roads

Enjoy breathtaking Spanish mountains, gravel roads in Portugal, as well as luxurious views of the ocean on endless roads. 

Total exclusivity

A maximum of 6 participants are taken care of by 4 instructors.  You do not have to worry so much that you will be delayed or someone else will delay you.

You will try our motorbikes

Choose from one of our many motorbikes. And you can try other machines during the trip. The motorbike can be switched with instructors.

Can I do it?

We pay attention to the maximum quality = a maximum of 6 participants are taken care of by 3 instructors. In addition, we adapt the routes to your requirements and riding level. 

We do not require knowledge of off-road driving.

What you’ll learn

At all times, you can communicate with your instructors using a top-notch intercom. Within 4 to 6 days, you will make incredible progress in your driving abilities and skills.

Renting our motorbike

You can rent from us any of our BMW motorbikes suitable for the terrain.

All motorcycles are insured with a minimum deductible.

You can switch a motorbike with instructors during the trip and try more different machines in different conditions.

Equipment rental

If you do not have your own equipment, we can lend you: shoes, knee pads, protective vest, helmet and gloves. 

Choose your motorbike trip

Individually tailored motorcycle expedition

Experience a unique foreign motorcycle expedition that fully adapts to your wishes. Do you want to experience mountain gravel in Spain? Or endless Portuguese roads? What about breathtaking ocean views from the saddle of a motorbike?

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motorcycle expedition to Italy

Escape to Adventure (Italy)

Experience adventure in the saddle of a motorbike and ride gravel roads in sunny Italy. Mountains and valleys await you, as well as great views of the sea. We have routes for both beginners and demanding paths for seasoned enduro riders. The choice of route is up to you.

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moto výlet Portugalsko

Escape to Adventure (Spain and Portugal)

Enjoy the beauty of the Spanish mountains from the saddle of a top motorbike. You will ride on great gravel not only in Spain, but also in Portugal.  And you can look forward to luxurious views of the ocean. It's all legal.

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Escape to Adventure (Spain)

Enjoy the beauty of Spanish nature from the saddle of a motorbike and ride the gravel roads in the least populated Spanish region of Extramadura. Completely legal and even during the winter. You choose the route yourself. We will offer you both routes for beginners and challenging routes for seasoned enduro masters.

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Escape to Euphoria (Portugal)

Portuguese scenery, luxurious views of the ocean, sunsets and endless roads on BMW motorbikes? With us you will experience it all. But that's not all! In addition, a visit to the famous Port wine cellars, wellness or surfing lessons on the waves of the ocean.

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moto výlet portugalsko na bmw r 18

Escape to Freedom (Portugal)

Experience Portugal on the impressive BMW R 18 cruiser with an 1800 cm3 engine. Endless Portuguese roads, beautiful scenery, luxurious views of the ocean and sunsets from the saddle of a motorbike await you. But that's not all! In addition, a visit to the famous Port wine cellars, wellness or surfing lessons on the waves of the ocean.

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Escape to Adventure (Tuscany and Sardinia)

Discover new places and romantic corners of Tuscany and the famous turns of Sardinia in the saddle of a motorbike. The most romantic places  of Tuscany with historic spa towns, beautiful rolling landscape, idyllic cypress alleys, endless beaches and great wine are waiting for you. A in addition, a biker's paradise with beautiful roads in Sardinia.

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